Dog Pop Bags
Dog Pop Bags
Dog Pop Bags

Dog Pop Bags

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Dog pop bags, also known as dog poop bags or pet waste bags, are disposable bags designed for the hygienic and convenient disposal of dog waste. These bags are an important tool for dog owners who want to keep public areas clean and sanitary by picking up and properly disposing of their pets' waste.

Dog pop bags are typically made from materials such as plastic or biodegradable materials. They are designed to be leak-proof and sturdy enough to hold dog waste without tearing or breaking. These bags are available in different sizes and colors to suit the specific needs of different breeds and sizes of dogs.

Dog pop bags are commonly sold in rolls or packs, and can be easily stored in pockets or attached to a leash for easy access when walking a dog. They are also available at dog parks, outdoor recreational areas, and other public spaces where dogs are allowed.

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Black, Opaque Bag Size: 8" x 13" Roll Size: 8” x 2.75” Box Size: 8.5” x 3” x 3”
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE, Universal Pet Waste Bags, Fits all roll bag dispensers. Property Managers' Choice
  • PASSES the 'Pucture Test'
  • Leakproof: Field tested to hold water for 30 days.
  • Holds 10 lbs of quarters without tearing.
  • Odor Control. Quality. Strong. Great Value. Get yours today and start enjoying a poop-free, cleaner environment.

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